Wednesday, February 15, 2012

To all you Valentine's HATERS

What has happened to Valentine's Day?

I have heard countless numbers of single people say how much they HATE Valentine's Day. I thought if their was a holiday for single people that maybe non-single people would think the same thing... but then again maybe not.

This is a day of love... but is it really JUST for those with a significant other? I think not. My whole life I remember getting something on Valentine's Day from my Mom... because she LOVES her children. This is a day of love for your mom... your dad... your family... etc. 
So what are you really saying if you hate Valentine's Day?

Yes I did have a great Valentine's Day!... and some of you may be thinking “that's only because you had a significant other to spend it with.” 
That may be a big part of why my day was great; however, it was also a day to reflect on how much I love my friends and family.

And I saw a car with a mustache... yes a MUSTACHE!!... 

On top of that there was some great music on the radio... for the most part. They played some of the old classics by Phil Collins and Billy Joel. I don't think you can get much better than that! I'm sorry but Justin Beiber just won't cut it with his “oh baby baby...”

Dr. Jason Carroll, who teaches at BYU, says to beware of counterfeit sources of self-worth. Remove them from your life. Examples of these are money, physical appearance, and relationship status. When people get up in the morning, what if they prayed and reflected on their divine worth as a child of God... instead of spending hours in front of the mirror thinking, 'I am my body'? Your self-worth is not determined by your physical appearance. In addition, it is also NOT determined by you relationship status. Just remember that God's LOVE is unconditional.  

Remember the words of Moroni who said, "Charity is the pure LOVE of Christ"... or the Apostle Paul who said, "Charity never faileth."

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  1. Oh Chad, I love this. It means so much to know that you have remembered I have given you some sort of Valentine your whole life...and yes it's not just because it's a "special day" but because I love my family. I would do that same any day...having a holiday to celebrate that love is what I call the "icing on the cake...the sugar on the cereal" Thank you for this wonderful post! Love you:)