Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission

So I have this really awesome nephew... his name is Jayden... and he is 6 years old.

I never fully realized the impact I had in his life as "Uncle Chad" until experiences that have happened lately.

It started with the experience of helping him to try new things like wheat bread.  He said, "I don't like it."  I said, "You've never tried it."  He said, "It's gross."  I said, "I eat wheat bread, and that's how I got my mus-culls (as I flex)."  Now I don't have very big muscles but to a small 6 year old boy the little definition that I do have made his eyes light up real big.  Ever since then he ALWAYS wants a PB&J with what?... you guessed it... WHEAT bread!

Now this was only the beginning... It turned into something much greater.
One day we were driving in my car, just Jayden and I.  I think it was the day I picked him up for preschool.  I taught him to sing the song, "I Hope They Call Me On A Mission"... which he now loves to sing with me.

My fiance, Ally Best, and I sang some hymns with him and his little sister Kaylie Jo the other day and he had so much fun singing "I Hope They Call Me On A Mission"... in addition to beat boxing (another thing I taught him) while I sang that song as well.  He is the greatest little kid.

But here's the real miracle.  Every day since I have been back from my mission I have read the Book of Mormon with Ally Best.  Yesterday, Jayden saw his uncle and future aunt about to read in the scriptures and do you know what he said, "Can I read too?"  Of course we had him read with us!  I don't think he wanted to stop.  When we finally did he said, "Ok.  I remember where we stopped so we can read here tomorrow!"  The next day came and not only did Jayden come up to Ally and I and say, "Chad, can we read the scriptures?"... but his little sister Kaylie Jo wanted to have "Aunt Ally" help her to read a verse too.  I have never seen them as well behaved as they were when reading the Book of Mormon with us.  Though they may not have understood anything that was going on... the Spirit of God was there... and though they may not know what it was... Jayden and Kaylie Jo could feel it!

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